Conference: General Information

Pre-Conference symposium


A one-day preparatory Symposium will take place at ICAO Headquarters, immediately prior to the Conference, on 14 September 2008. The purpose of the Symposium is two-fold: a) to set the scene for the Conference by looking at future challenges facing international civil aviation; and b) to provide a forum for stakeholders to exchange information and experiences on key topics to be addressed by the Conference. A separate invitation to the Symposium was sent to you (State letter SD 38/1-08/25) dated 28 March 2008.


Organizational arrangements


The Conference will work as a single body. The working languages will be Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish. The Conference will be conducted in accordance with the Standing Rules of Procedure for Meetings in the Air Transport Field (Doc 8683), except that the Council has suspended Rule 26 which calls for the preparation of summary minutes. There will be no provision for opening statements by States or Organizations.


In accordance with Rule 2 of Doc 8683, credentials will be required.


Information concerning registration, visa requirements, hotels, and other administrative arrangements has been sent to you on 28 March 2008 (State letter SD 38/1-08/25), together with the invitation to the Symposium. Such information, is also posted on this site under "Administrative Arrangements".


Response to invitation


It would be appreciated if you could indicate and/or confirm to me by mail, facsimile (+1 514 954-6744) or e-mail (, as early as possible, and in any event not later than 30 May 2008, whether your Government/Organization plans to participate in the Conference and, if so, the names of your representatives.

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