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Please note that on-line registration is now closed.

All participants are requested to register at Leme Hall on the 5th floor (please note the hotel lobby is on the 6th floor). The registration centre will be in operation at the venue on Sunday, 15 November 2009, from 0800 to 1600 hours, and on 16 to 18 November from 0800 hours to 1700 hours. At registration, every participant will be issued an identification badge, which will be required to access the meeting venue.


ICAO’s work on this issue responds to Resolution A36-22: Consolidated statement of continuing ICAO policies and practices related to environmental protection, which recognized the urgent need for more concerted and effective action to reduce the carbon footprint of international aviation, the importance of research and development in fuel efficiency and alternative fuels.

The Conference is intended to be a major event showcasing the state of the art in aviation alternative fuels, and an event at which a road map for the implementation of aviation alternative fuels will be considered.

In preparation for this Conference, ICAO held a workshop on aviation and alternative fuels in February 2009. On the final day of this workshop, a meeting was convened to establish a Conference organizing committee responsible for developing the conference programme.


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