Workshop on Aviation and Alternative Fuels, 2009

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Notice to Participants

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ICAO, in keeping with its leadership role in coordinating international aviation activities, was pleased to host its first global workshop on alternative fuels for aviation.


Aviation is a relatively small contributor to worldwide greenhouse gas emissions but, in view of its expected growth, the need for action to reduce its use of fossil fuels has become a topical issue globally. A variety of approaches, including alternative fuels, are being explored. The development and use of alternative fuels, and the specific challenges they pose to aviation, are being considered. Do alternative fuels represent a viable option for aviation? What are the timelines for their deployment?


This timely event provided a forum to explore potential options, challenges to development and deployment of alternative fuels, as well as initiatives to promote cooperation in this endeavour. This workshopwais designed as a preparatory event to a major conference in November 2009 that showcased progress and establish a road map for the implementation of alternative fuels for aviation.


The subject matter was of particular interest to persons involved in aviation and environmental protection in ICAO Contracting States, international organizations, aviation and fuel industries, and academic/research institutions.


The workshop was conducted in English and was free of charge.


The news media was invited to cover the event.



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