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​23 October 2012

Capacity Building

  1. Welcome Speech (video)
    Mr. Kandeh K. Yumkella, Director-General of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)
  2. Aviation and Environment
    Jane Hupe, Chief, Environment Branch, ICAO
  3. ICAO's Assistance to States
    Ivan Galan, Director, Technical Cooperation Bureau, ICAO
  4. Overview of the Aviation System Block Upgrades (ASBUs) Concept and PBN
    Vince Galotti, Deputy Director, Safety Standardization & Infrastructure,
    Air Navigation Bureau, ICAO
  5. Indonesia Roadmap 2012-2020 on Aviation Emissions Reduction of GHG and Capacity Building Programs
    Yusfandri Gona, Directorate General of Civil Aviation, Indonesia
  6. UAE Aviation Action Plan
    Eng. Maryam Al Balooshi, Manager Environment Studies, GCAA, United Arab Emirates
  7. Operational Improvements and Fuel Savings provided by ASECNA
    Sainarayan A for Mamadou Sissoko, ASECNA
  8. ACI Global Training
    John Webster, Senior Manager, ACI
  9. How airports benefit from training
    Ferdinando Colavita, Attaché to the President, Aéroports de Montréal
  10. Civil Air Navigation Services Organization
    Eugene Hoeven, CANSO

The Case of Alternative Fuels


  1. Introduction to Sustainable Alternative Fuels
    Philippe Novelli, Environment Branch, ICAO
  2. The Case for Sustainable Aviation Biofuels in Mexico
    Dionisio Mendez, Representative of Mexico on the Council of ICAO
  3. The Case for Alternative Fuels: Spanish Initiative for the Production and Consumption of Bio-kerosene
    Cesar Velarde, Project Manager, Observatory of Sustainability in Aviation (OBSA), Spain
  4. A New Approach for Sustainable Biofuels
    Frederic Eychenne, ICCAIA, Airbus
  5. Biofuels - Sustainability is a MUST
    Marina Otto, Head Policy Unit, Energy Branch, UNEP



  1. ICAO CAEP - Guidance to States
    Jane Hupe, Chief, Environment Branch, ICAO
  2. The Role of New Technologies
    Lourdes Maurice, Executive Director, Office of Environment and Energy, FAA, United States
  3. Institutional Infrastructure to Support Developing Country Parties under the UNFCCC
    Bernd Hackmann, Mitigation, Data and Analysis Programme, UNFCCC

24 October 2012


  1. State and Trends of the Carbon Markets
    Alexandre Kossoy, Carbon Finance Unit, World Bank
  2. GEF's Role and Activities for Climate Change Mitigation
    Hiroaki Takiguchi, Global Environment Facility (GEF)
  3. Greening the Shipping Sector through the GEF-UNDP-IMO Programme
    Andrew Hudson, United Nations Development Programme
  4. Aviation Biofuels Initiatives in LAC
    Donald Schenk, President and CEO of ACA Associates, Inc. on behalf of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)
  5. ADB's efforts in Sustainable Low Carbon Transport and video
     Ko Sakamoto, Transport Economist, Asian Development Bank
  6. AfDB's activities in CC
    Augustin Karanga, African Development Bank
  7. Public Private Partnerships
    Alan Khalili, Vice President, Finance and Administration, Nexa Capital Partners

Technical support - Technical Cooperation Bureau

  1. Procurement Section - An Overview
    Marie-Ange Nyssen, Procurement Section, TCB, ICAO
  2. ICAO's Technical Cooperation Bureau
    Alistair O'Hara, ICAO Field Operations, TCB, ICAO
  3. ICAO's Technical Cooperation Progress and Future Potential Programme on Environmental Sustainable Air Transportation in Indonesia, 2013 - 2020
    Arfiyanti Samad, Secretary of DGCA, Indonesia

Technical support - ICAO Web-based tools and databases

  1. ICAO Website Overview
    Ted Thrasher, Environment Branch, ICAO
  2. ICAO Carbon Emissions Calculator
    Ted Thrasher, Environment Branch, ICAO
  3. IGMC - ICAO Green Meetings Calculator
    Ananthanarayan Sainarayan, Environment Branch, ICAO
  4. Introduction to the ICAO Action Plan Web Portal
    Blandine Ferrier, Environment Branch, ICAO

Roundtable discussion on States' Views

  1. Statement by China
    MU Yang, Director, Department of Planning and Development, CAAC, China
  2. Capacity Building Programmes for Sustainable Development of Air Transportation, 2012-2020
    Wendy Aritenang, Special Adviser to the Minister of Transportation, Indonesia
  3. Statement by Paraguay
    Aurora Torres de Rodriguez, Representative of Paraguay on the Council of ICAO
  4. Statement by United Arab Emirates
    Maryam Al Balooshi, Environment Manager, GCAA, UAE
  5. U.S. Climate Action Plan
    Dr. Lourdes Q. Maurice, on behalf of Ambassador Mr. Duane Edward Woerth, Representative of the United States on the Council of ICAO
  6. The EU as a Partner for development
    Elina Bardram, Head of Unit, International Carbon Markets, Aviation and Maritime, Directorate General for Climate Action, European Commission


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