Security Culture Workshop: Training and Assistance Products

​Date and time: 

Thursday, 26 October 2023, 9:00 am - 12:00 pm


​ICAO HQ, CR AB, 1st floor


Following the development of new ICAO security culture training and assistance products, this interactive Workshop will focus on how these resources can be practically used to build and evaluate a strong and effective security culture in aviation.

The Workshop will demonstrate how States, industry and other organizations can build the new products into staff induction and training processes to increase security awareness and support an ethos of 'security is everyone's responsibility'.


Upon attending the Workshop, participants will be better placed to evaluate security culture in their organization and understand how to build security culture improvement plans.


​3 hours


Mr. Kevin Sawyer,  Head of International Operations - Aviation Security, CAA International, United Kingdom

Target audience: 

��This Workshop is open to all, including representatives from States responsible for aviation security policy and training, senior and middle managers from industry, and other persons responsible for the implementation of security measures and a positive security culture.


  • ICAO Discussion Cards to help organizations initiate meaningful discussions about security with staff.
  • ICAO Customizable Resources (display posters, staff wallet cards, manager checklists, induction briefings) to support organizations in promoting a strong and effective security culture.
  • ICAO Films to help raise security awareness in aviation.
  • ICAO E-learning Package to provide users with a comprehensive understanding of security culture and its importance.

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