2020 ICAO CORSIA Regional Seminars

2020 ICAO CORSIA Regional Seminars

To be postponed to a later date
Multiple locations, please refer to the individual meeting pages below
Please refer to the individual meeting pages below
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Due to the enhanced level of travel restrictions and uncertainty in the short term caused by COVID-19, the International Civil Aviation Organization has decided to postpone the 2020 ICAO CORSIA Regional Seminars to a later date in 2020. The new dates will be announced shortly. We apologize for this inconvenience, and look forward to seeing you at the seminars in the near future.

The ICAO Assembly, at its 40th Session (see A40-19, paragraph 21), decided that ICAO and Member States take all necessary actions in providing the capacity building and assistance and building partnerships for implementation of the CORSIA, in accordance with the timeline set forth in Annex 16, Volume IV, including through the ICAO Assistance, Capacity building and Training for CORSIA (ACT-CORSIA) programme that includes the organization of seminars, development of outreach materials, and establishment of CORSIA partnerships among States, while emphasizing the importance of a coordinated approach under the umbrella of ICAO for undertaking capacity building and assistance activities.


The objective of these two-day regional seminars is to provide further information on the upcoming CORSIA implementation requirements. 


According to the provisions in Annex 16, Volume IV, aeroplane operators will report their verified CO2 emissions to the State to which they are attributed for the first time in May 2020, to be followed by reporting from States to ICAO (through the CORSIA Central Registry (CCR)) with a deadline of 31 August 2020. During the 2020 ICAO Regional Seminars on CORSIA, particular emphasis will be placed on issues regarding the verification of CO2 emissions, including the State's order of magnitude check of aeroplane operators' Emission Reports and Verification Reports, as well as on how to report the verified CO2 emissions information by providing hands-on training on the use of the CCR.


Given the nature of the training to be provided, it is highly advisable that the CORSIA Focal Points of all ICAO States, who will be responsible for uploading information using the CCR, participate in these Regional Seminars.

All participants, in particular all State representatives, are requested to bring a laptop to the seminar to ensure that they can complete all training activities (hands-on exercises). Given that the CCR is an online application, the laptop must be able to connect to the internet, and must have a web browser pre-installed (recommended web browsers: Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Google Chrome). At the time of registration, all State participants will be requested to provide a valid email address, which will be used to get access to the CCR. During the seminars, participants will need access to the email address that they will provide as this is an integral part of using the CCR.

Regions Venue Date
South American + North American, Central American, and Caribbean Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic To be postponed to a later date
European and North Atlantic Athens, Greece To be postponed to a later date
Middle East ICAO MID Office, Cairo, Egypt To be postponed to a later date
Eastern and Southern Africa + Western and Central African ICAO ESAF Office, Kenya
To be postponed to a later date
Asia and Pacific   Denpasar, Indonesia To be postponed to a later date
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