Day 1


1.1.1 Captain Houston Mills, Global Aviation Strategy & Public Policy Director, United Parcel Service (UPS)


1.2.1 Mr. Mike Lissone, Secretary General, JARUS


1.2.2 Mr. Yang Honghai, Regional Director North Asia, Safety and Flight Operations, IATA


1.2.3 Mr. Scott Duffy, Manager Remotely Piloted Aircraft Operations, CASA, Australia


1.2.4 Mr. Mark Wuennenberg, Subject Matter Expert on Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems, RPAS ICAO


1.3.0 Mr. Tai Feng, Air Navigation Commissioner, Second Vice President and Chairman of the Ad hoc Working Group on Implementation, ICAO


1.3.1 Mr. Denis Jauvin, Technical Officer, RPAS, ICAO


1.3.2 Mr. Patrice Desvallées, Program Director, Strategic and Emerging Projects, DGCA, France


1.3.3 Mr. Melvin Wong, Head (Unmanned Aircraft Systems), Airworthiness/Flight Operations, CAAS, Singapore


1.3.4 Dr. Kristy Kiernan, Program Chair, the Master of Science in Unmanned Systems, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University


Day 2


2.2.0 Mr. Michael Gadd, Head of International Regulatory Affairs, Altitude Angel


2.2.1 Mr. Richard Eva, Aviation Manager, Shell Corporation


2.2.2 Ms. Mildred Troegeler, Director, Global Airspace Integration, Boeing NeXt


2.2.3 MMr. Li Dongqi, Group Vice President of SF Express & Chairman of Fonair Co., Ltd (SF UAS)


2.2.4 Mr. Marzio Preatoni, Airworthiness, Leonardo Helicopters


2.3.1 Mr. Nico Voorbach, Director, ICAO Affairs, CANSO


2.3.2 Dr. Francis Schubert, Chief Corporate Officer, Skyguide, Switzerland


2.3.3 Mr. Mike Lissone, UAS ATM Integration Manager, Directorate Pan-European Single Sky, EUROCONTROL


2.3.4 Mrs. Catherine Ronfle-Nadaud, Direction de la Technique et de l’innovation, Domaine Etudes Européennes et Innovation, DGAC, France


2.3.5 Mr. Zhang Xinghao, Director, Air Traffic Control Division, Air Traffic Management Bureau, CAAC, China


2.4.1 Mr. Everette Rochon, Manager, Flight Standards General Aviation and Commercial Division, FAA, United States


2.4.2 Mr. Damodaran Dilip Kumar, Joint General Manager (ATM), Airports Authority, India


2.4.3 Mr. Scott Duffy, Manager Remotely Piloted Aircraft Operations (RPAS), Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA), Australia


2.4.4 Mr. Paweł Szymański, Director of the Unmanned Aircraft Department, Civil Aviation Authority, Poland


2.5.1 Mr. Fredrik Nordström, Head of UAS Regulations, AIRBUS


2.5.2 Mr. Hyunchul Shim, Professor/Director, Dept of Aerospace Eng., Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology


2.5.3 Mr. Pierre Fossier, Vice President, Chief Technology Officer, Thales – Land and Air Systems


2.5.4 Mr. Wang Yufeng, Director, HUAWEI Wireless X Labs


Day 3


3.2.1 Mr. Jeffrey D. Richards, Air Traffic Controller and RPAS and UAVs Subject Matter Expert, IFATCA


3.2.2 Mr. Pirasuth Sasunee, Technical Advisor, IFALPA


3.2.3 Mr. SL Wong, Head of Technical & Industry Affairs, ACI


3.2.4 Mr. Daniel Vaca, Head ATM Harmonization and Global Policy, IATA


3.3.1 Mr. Jorge Humberto Vargas Rainho, Planning Division Advisor, Defense Ministry, Brazilian Air Force


3.3.2 Mr. Jorge Alexandre De Almeida Regis, Department of Airspace Control, Brazilian Air Force


3.3.3 Mr. Edgar Reuber, Senior Military Expert, Eurocontrol


3.3.4 and 3.3.5 Mr. Matthias Grall, Federal Ministry of Defence, Section Forces Policy, ATM, Germany and Mr. Andreas Udovic, Project Manager, DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH, Germany


3.4.1 Mr. Chen Guangcheng, Director of Air Transportation Division, Flight Standard Department, CAAC, China


3.4.2 Mr. Sun Lihua, Deputy Director General, Information Center, CAAC, China


3.4.3 Ms. Liu Yanguang, General Manager, JDX Drone Business Development Center


3.4.4 Mr. Zhang Xiang, Vice General Manager, CETC Special Mission Aircraft System Engineering Co., Ltd


3.4.5 Mr. Liu Gang, General Manager, The Innovation Center of Sichuan Industrial Cloud Manufacturing Co., Ltd


3.4.6 Mr. Chen Ming, Technical Development Director, DJI


3.5.1 Mr. Mark Wuennenberg, Subject Matter Expert on Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems, RPAS ICAO


3.6.1 Ms. Leslie Cary, Chief, Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems, ICAO
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