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​​OPENING / Signing Ceremony

  • NGAP Welcome and brief history of NGAP - so far
  • The Future of Aviation

What are some of the challenges and best practices for attracting and retaining aviation professionals?

How are employers attracting the Next Generation to the aviation industry?  Once they embark on a career in aviation, how do we retain them?  This panel will explore some of the challenges, as well as best practices for attracting and retaining the Next Generation in various capacities in aviation.


Why are competencies useful for aviation careers? 

This panel will explore the work already undertaken by ICAO and Stakeholders for the development of competency frameworks and training manuals for ATCOs and ATSEPs.  Discussions will include how these competencies will help support the selection and recruitment processes, as well as explore training examples for ATCOs.   Discussions will also include the work for pilots under the IPTC. 


How will aviation professionals learn in the future?

The millennials are learning in new and unique ways and as a result, we need to rethink how we train and/or teach.  This panel will explore new and innovative ways for training the Next Generation and will also include perspectives from students. 


How can HR prepare the current and future generation to be successful?
(To be confirmed)

This interactive panel will explore how the aviation value chain (e.g. regulators, airlines, airports and manufacturers) are developing best practices and thinking in areas such as business and human resource strategy, leadership development, talent management and succession planning. 


How can we move from a strictly global view of NGAP, to a regional / national perspective?

This panel will discuss the need for a regional approach to NGAP activities and explore the creation of a research-based NGAP Index.  A demonstration project, including test scenarios will be presented, as well as a discussion on the advantages of the Index.


How to build a usable NGAP Index?

Industry panellists will discuss the data needed, as well as how these data should be collected, archived and shared with the community in order to attract the Next Generation of Aviation Professionals.


Symposium overview and concluding remarks — Embarking on Phase II of NGAP

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