Multi-crew Pilot Licence Symposium

Title:  Multi-crew Pilot Licence Symposium
Date:10 - 12 December 2013
Location: ICAO Headquarters
Venue: Montréal, Canada
Registration: Pre-registration is now closed.

​Guideline on MPL Data Collection

The data entry forms should be used to provide the MPL implementation data requested by State letter AN 12/50-13/51.
The five data entry forms relate to the data previously defined in Attachments A, B, C, and D of State letter AN 12/50-07/37, dated 7 December 2007; Each form has entry boxes that correspond with the data explained in the referenced State letter and are to be emailed to: 

Aviation professionals who should attend include:​

  • Civil Aviation Authorities
  • Aeroplane and flight simulation training device manufacturers
  • Commercial air transport operators
  • Approved training organizations
  • Flight training product and service providers
  • International organizations
  • Pilots



  • The level of implementation of Multi-crew Pilot Licence (MPL) on a global scale;
  • Specific issues relating to the implementation of MPL, competency assessments, grading systems, and learning management systems used for MPL training;
  • MPL success stories and a comparative analysis of MPL training versus non-MPL ab-initio trainees;
  • Viewpoints from air operators and training organizations that have implemented MPL training programmes;
  • Oversight challenges of competency-based training programmes for States;
  • Challenges for air operators and training organization in implementing MPL​;
  • Safety benefits and improvements in specific areas such as upset prevention and recovery training;
  • MPL and the use of flight simulation training devices; and
  • The future direction of MPL.
The objective behind the Multi-crew Pilot Licence is to introduce an alternative pathway for ab-initio student pilots to achieve the necessary competencies to become highly effective, efficient, and safe operators of a modern commercial air transport category aeroplane through the successful completion of a seamless competency-based training programme leading to the acquisition of an  aeroplane type rating, which satisfies the regulatory requirements to commence line operations indoctrination training with a specific airline.
When ICAO launched MPL seven years ago, the Organization made a commitment to the aviation community to review the concept, to evaluate successes, challenges and determine the way forward. The MPL Symposium is being held as a follow-up to this commitment. It will assist ICAO to determine the work programme needed to improve upon the existing standards and guidance material for an MPL.  The Organization will present the results of its MPL proof-of-concept study during the event. 
The symposium, which will be held in English only, will bring together all stakeholders from the aviation industry and provide an important experience-sharing opportunity. It will include an industry exhibition of current and emerging MPL training devices and programmes.
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