Travel Information

Visa information

Please visit the Visa Information section for information in which cases entry visas are required as well as instructions how to obtain an entry visa.

State delegations are encouraged to obtain their entry visas, if applicable, as early as possible to ensure timely processing and delivery.

COVID-19 Information

Information on COVID-19 pandemic and public health measures may change due to the unforeseen behaviour of the pandemic. Delegates are advised to check the website of the Presidential Steering Committee on COVID-19 for updated requirements, guidelines and information:

Country information

Currency and exchange rate

The currency in Nigeria is the Naira. The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) official exchange rates for the main currencies as at 11th of October 2022 are:


Official rates:

  • 1 USD = N434.27

  • 1 GBP = N481.24

  • 1 EURO = N422.33

  • 1 CFA = N0.629 (N629 to CFA1000)


Parallel market rates:

  • 1 USD between N733

  • 1 GBP between N847

  • 1 EURO between N695

  • 1 CFA = N0.945 (N945 to CFA1000)

Bank services

Travelers' cheques can be cashed at the commercial banks. International credit cards (Visa, Diners Club, MasterCard, and American Express) are accepted at most of the selected hotels.

Health services

Medical services are of high standards and most international prescription drugs are readily available through retail pharmacies. It is advisable that delegates take out personal medical insurance for the duration of the trip. Malaria prophylactics are especially advised.


Abuja temperatures are between 20.4°C | 68.7°F (min) to 33.2°C | 91.7°F (max) during this period. Comfortable clothing is advised. 


The electricity is 220-240 Volts using the type G adapter (rectangular three-pin plug).

Country Information provided by the NCAA in PDF Format
Country Information as at 11 October 2022:
Updated local currency and forex rates

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