ICAO Pre-event Briefing

​The ICAO Pre-event  Briefing is to familiarize the High-level Meeting participants with the elements of the global MBM proposal, which is to be discussed by the High-level Meeting on a Global MBM Scheme.


The participants to the High-level Meeting are invited to this Pre-event Briefing, and are encouraged to confirm their attendance to this Briefing  by emailing to: env@icao.int ​.


Time and Venue: 10 May 2016, from 1500 to 1800 hours at the Conference Room #3 (1st floor of the ICAO HQ Conference Building)


Presentation Material

  1. Overview of ICAO’s work on a global MBM scheme and a process toward the 39th ICAO Assembly
  2. Introduction to the Draft Assembly Resolution Text (Appendix to HLM-GMBM-WP/2)
  3. The Role of Carbon Markets in the Global MBM Scheme
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