ICAO Symposium on Aviation and Climate Change

Every three years, ICAO organizes a major environmental event to share information on the latest developments in the area of aviation and environment with its Members States and other key stakeholders. The purpose of these events is to inform and facilitate environment-related discussions and high-level decision-making at ICAO’s triennial Assemblies.
The ICAO Symposium on Aviation and Climate Change, “Destination Green” is the fourth in this series of critical environment-related events which aim to foster a dialogue amongst participants on environment and aviation, leading to the 38th Session of the ICAO Assembly in September 2013.
Destination Green is a unique opportunity to gain knowledge and exchange information on the key areas of ICAO’s environmental protection activities. It will showcase the Organization’s environmental accomplishments pursuant to the related decisions of the 37th ICAO Assembly (October 2010), and will examine how States can continue to build upon these milestones through:
    • States’ Action Plans to reduce CO2 emissions
    • ICAO’s strategy on Assistance to States
    • New technology Standards including the CO2 Standard for aircraft
    • Sustainable alternative fuels for aviation
    • Market-based Measures to reduce aviation emissions.
The Symposium will feature real-time interpretation in all UN official languages.
A detailed programme is available here.

Complimentary Exhibition
In conjunction with the Symposium, an exhibition will be organized to showcase the latest tools, products and technologies that can positively contribute to many of the measures and initiatives supporting States’ Action Plans to reduce aviation emissions.
Pre-symposium Seminar on States’ Action Plans, 13 May

A pre-Symposium Seminar on States’ Action Plans will also be organized by ICAO on 13 May 2013. This seminar is directed at National Focal Points for States’ Action Plans and any stakeholders participating in a State Action Plan team. It will cover three key areas:
    • Development of States' Action Plans
    • States' Action Plan data review
    • Implementation of Measures (selected by States in their Action Plans)
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