Global Aviation Cooperation Symposium (GACS)

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About the Symposium

Following the increased concerns from ICAO Member States to better respond to ICAO audit policies, as well as to the challenges faced with a rapid air traffic growth, there is a need for technical cooperation and assistance across the full spectrum of civil aviation.


Focused around the theme of “Building Cooperation for the Future of Civil Aviation: Innovation, Growth, and Technical Cooperation”, ICAO’s first-ever Global Aviation Cooperation Symposium (GACS) will provide a central platform for discussions on key issues of current concern, the exchange of important information and views on latest trends and innovations, as well as the sharing of best practices supporting a safe and efficient future for global air transport.


This event will provide governments, airport operators, air navigation service providers, and other industry stakeholders, with a unique opportunity to obtain in-depth knowledge of ICAO's guidance as well as the role and resources of its Technical Cooperation Programme.


Event Goals

Promote ICAO SARPs and the role and resources of its Technical Cooperation (TC) programme

The Symposium will discuss the new or amended provisions in the relevant Annexes concerning Safety and Security, as well as related guidance material within the context of technical cooperation. The Symposium will also give a general overview of the TC programme’s services and best-practices in providing capacity building assistance to Member States and regional organizations.


Assist States in identifying needs and comprehensive solutions to common deficiencies found in ICAO audits

The Symposium will provide an opportunity to discuss ascending needs identified as a result of deficiencies found in ICAO audit programs. States will have the chance to capture commonly found issues, solutions and best-practices shared by the presentation of TC projects, as project successes, challenges, and implemented technical solutions will be showcased.


Share common aviation challenges and the use of best practices for the future of civil aviation

Industry leaders, technical experts, and national and international specialists will be at the heart of the Symposium’s discussions. These industry experts will share their knowledge and perception of current and emerging trends and innovations within the context of technical cooperation. Safety and Security concerns will be discussed across the areas of civil aviation master plans, air traffic management services, airport modernization, safety oversight, regulatory frameworks, Machine Readable Travel Documents (MRTDs), e-Passports and more.


Strengthen institutional and cross-industry relationships

The Symposium will gather ICAO experts, Member States, industry providers, national, regional and international organizations, with the objective of fostering collaboration between authorities, industry and other stakeholders through technical cooperation.

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