UTM Deployment Best Practices and Lessons Learned

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14 November 10:00 - 12:30 EST  


UTM Deployment 

Best Practices and Lessons Learned

As a follow up to the DRONE ENABLE 2022 Request for Information, this Webinar will focus on the latest developments in the UTM domain, particularly from subject matter experts with practical experience in the implementation of UTM systems. The speakers will provide their insight from UTM deployments, which will help the audience understand the advancements of UTM service provisions, various non-technical issues that may arise and the associated best practices and lessons learned.


Mr. Benoit Curdy is Digital Transformation Architect at the Innovation and Digitalization Unit of the Swiss Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA). He is leading the implementation of the Swiss U-Space: a set of technologies enabling the safe, secure and efficient integration of drones in civil airspace. Before joining FOCA in April 2019,  Mr. Curdy was secretary general  of GUTMA, an international association based in Lausanne which brings together and represents Unmanned Aircraft Systems Traffic Management (UTM) stakeholders worldwide.


Mr. Mark Watson is the head of UTM Service Integration at NATS and specialises in airspace integration of new and existing airspace users. Mark works with a range of companies in this space to help achieve their flight operations whilst identifying the future role of NATS in the emerging uncrewed economy, and particularly the services it should provide as an ANSP.


Mark is a prominent voice in the UTM industry having been a founding member of the Global UTM Association where he supported the growth of the UTM community by connecting it to the established air traffic management industry. Mark and his NATS colleagues are now focused on including Air Mobility sector in this collaborative approach to airspace integration by starting a UK-based Advanced Air Mobility Operators forum to complement a highly successful UK BVLOS Operators Forum that it started in 2021.

Mark represents NATS on various government and institutional advisory panels within the UK and internationally, and including CANSO.

Scot Campell

Dr. Scot Campbell is the Project Executive for the Uncrewed Traffic Management (UTM) technical area at Acubed, an Airbus innovation center. Airbus UTM's mission is to enable the safe, secure, and scalable integration of new types of vehicles into the global airspace. Previously, he was the Senior Director of UTM Technology at AiRXOS, part of GE Aviation, and a member of the Technical Staff in the Air Traffic Control Systems group at MIT Lincoln Laboratory. He holds a PhD in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and is a multi-engine commercial rated pilot and flight instructor.


Alan Chapman

Mr. Alan Chapman is the Director for Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS Traffic Management) within NAV CANADA. Alan is accountable for shaping NAV CANADA's strategy for RTM, ensuring safe integration of UAVs and traditional aviation, supporting drone incursion initiatives, and the delivery of ANSP services to meet the Canadian State plan and associated regulations.


Alan co-chairs, along with Transport Canada, the RTM Action Team, a consultative forum with stakeholders from across the RPAS industry, Alan also co-chairs the Trials Executive Steering Committee. Prior to joining NAV CANADA Alan has a long history of leadership roles supporting digitization, software solutions, innovation and integration. In his career Alan has held executive roles in large technology organizations, such as IBM, early stage/start up companies and has been an independent consultant.

Tritana Supamusdisukul

Mr. Tritana Supamusdisukul is a Project Manager in the ICN Concept Development Branch in the FAA's ANG ICN Operations & New Entrants Division. He leads Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Traffic Management (UTM) Field Test, UTM Systems Engineering, and R&D Cloud Operating Environment projects. Tritana's started his career with the FAA two years ago. 

He holds a Bachelor and Master in Aerospace Engineering degree with a concentration in Astronautics from University of Maryland at College Park.

Mr. Patrick Amar

Mr. Patrick Amar is Head of the Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Programme at the EUROCONTROL Innovation Hub. In his previous role, he worked as a Special Advisor to the Director General of the Civil Aviation Authority of Israel in charge of the technical cooperation between France and Israel. Previously, he had multiple roles at DGAC (French Civil Aviation Authority): Head of the General Aviation Department (also covering UAS regulations), Senior Advisor for Security and Head of the Risk Analysis Department.

He also worked for 10 years in the airline business, for Air France and EL AL, at a Vice President level. Before that, he was Advisor to the French Minister of Transport in charge of civil aviation and air transport. Patrick is also a very experienced commercial pilot (2,100 hours) with aircraft, helicopter, glider, and microlight licenses.

Jean -Pierre De Muyt is currently working as regulatory expert for SkeyDrone, a Belgian UTM service provider with the ambition to become on of Europe's first certified U-Space Service Provider. With a background in the telco and satellite communications, he has been active in the industry since 2016 in a number of business development assigments.



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