Registration Information

Webinar Information


The pages for each of the three (3) webinars contain the registration link for each specific webinar as well as information on the speakers and/or panelists once participation has been confirmed.


All the webinars will be streamed live on ICAO TV. Once the recording is available, the link will be imbedded on the page for the concluded webinar.


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Registration Instructions


All Registrations are free of charge. To register for a webinar go to the specific webinar page and click the Registration button. You must have an ICAO Registration Account. 


All webinars will be hosted using Zoom and attendees must have a Zoom account.


If you have an account(s) on other ICAO Portals (such as ICAO Secure Portal), kindly be advised that the ICAO Event Portal has a separate access/login from other ICAO portals.


Request a Registration Account


To request a new event registration account, please visit ICAO event registration website for the event you wish to attend. After clicking "Register for This Event" button, there will be "Request an Account" link on the left side of the page. Once you have filled the required information, you can proceed with the registration.


To register follow these simple steps:


Step 1

Go to the page on this site for the webinar you wish to attend. Click on the registration link on the page.


Step 2

Complete the required information on the Registration form, then click on "Register".


Step 3

Your registration request is submitted to ICAO for approval. You will receive an email regarding your registration status.

Step 4


Check your email for webinar invitation confirmation and access details. If email was not received, please check your spam inbox.


Should you encounter any issues with your registration process, you may contact

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