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Day 1 September 13, 2018


Session 1: #DroneEnable2 - Welcome Remarks & A successful year at ICAO – moving the RPAS and UAS files


Session 2: #DroneEnable2 - What is UTM and why is it separate from, but interoperable with, ATM?


Session 3: #DroneEnable2 - UTM/ATM Transitions from a Traditional Perspective


Session 4: #DroneEnable2 - UTM/ATM Transitions from a Non-Traditional Perspective


Day 2 September 14, 2018


Session 5: #DroneEnable2 - Keynote Speech, UTM Framework Update, & Beyond UTM - Something Out of the Ordinary


Session 6: #DroneEnable2 - Reality Check: A discussion about the Realities of ATM and UTM achieving Interoperability


Session 7: #DroneEnable2 - Very High Altitude Operations – Lessons from UTM


Session 8: #DroneEnable2 - Aircraft Registry Network (ARN) & Wrap up and Next steps

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