Monday, 1 November 2010
  1. List of Participants (preliminary)


Solutions-Oriented Workshop
  1. Vlatacom Ltd.
  2. Entrust Inc.
  3. EDAPS Consortium
  4. Morpho
  5. Datacard Group
  6. Gemalto
  7. Speed Identity AB



Session I
  1. Official Welcome
    Mr. Giuliano Zaccardelli, INTERPOL
  2. ICAO's leading role in setting global MRTD SARPs and specifications
    Mrs. Folasade Odutola, ICAO
  3. The broadening MRTD agenda: maintaining its relevance to current and future challenges
    Mr. Mauricio Siciliano, ICAO
  4. Identity management infrastructure: a high-level overview
    Mr. Fons Knopjes, ID Management Centre, Netherlands

Tuesday, 2 November 2010
Session II
  1. Evidence of Identity: a cornerstone of a secure travel document
    Ms. Annette Offenberger, Department of Internal Affairs, New Zealand
  2. The integrity of the MRTD issuance process
    Mr. Gary K. McDonald, Passport Canada
  3. Travel document assessments
    Mr. Robin Chalmers, Consultant, United Kingdom
  4. The changing global dynamics of travel document fraud
    Mr. Malcolm Cuthbertson, ISO Expert
  5. Ensuring the secure environment in the passport issuance process
    Mr. Steven Grant, 3M Security Systems Division, Canada
Session III
  1. ICAO MRTD and eMRTD standards and specifications
    Mr. Barry Kefauver, ISO Expert
  2. The role of PKD in ensuring compliance to Doc 9303
    Mr. R. Rajeshkuman, Netrust Pty., Ltd, Singapore
  3. Implementation of eMRTD projects
    Mr. Markus Hartmann, HJP consulting GmbH, Germany
  4. Current challenges in implementing MRPs and eMRPs
    Mr. Dwight MacManus, Canadian Bank Note Company., Ltd
Wednesday, 3 November 2010
Session III
  1. ePassport Implementation in Tajikistan
    Mr. Salohiddin Kiromov, Biometrics Unit, Consular Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Tajikistan
  2. Developing biometric passports and using the recommendations of ICAO in the Republic of Uzbekistan
    Mr. Botir Hakimov, Cabinet of Ministers, Republic of Uzbekistan
  3. Emerging passports and return travel documents
    Mr. Staffan Tilling, Swedish National Police Board
  4. Reflections on the future of a visa
    Ms. Claudia Hager, OeSD International GmbH, Austria
  5. Biometric enrolment for the EU Visa Information Systen
    Mr. Fares Rahmun, Federal Office of Administration, Germany
  6. Visa issuing
    Ms. Gurpreet Bajwa, Embassy of Ireland, Ottawa
  7. eVisa and electronic entry clearances
    Mr. Chris Lyle, UN World Trouism Organisation to ICAO
  8. eVisa and the electronic travel authority
    Ms. Dot Harvey, Australian High Commission in Ottawa
  9. eVisa: the state of play and implementation issues
    Mr. Alex Rayner, Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA), Australia


Thursday, 4 November 2010
Session IV
  1. Combating document fraud
    Mr. Charles Stevens, Former Head of the United Kingdom National Document Fraud Unit
  2. The problem of impostors
    Mr. Charles Stevens
  3. Intelligence-led border security and controls
    Mr. Ricardo Letosa, Government and Security Solutions, SITA
  4. Intelligence-led border security in the Caribbean Community (CARICOM)
    Mr. Herman Browne, CARICOM Implementation Agency for Crime and Security (IMPACS)
  5. Handling MRTDs and eMRTDs that fail to read
    Mr. Robin Chalmers, United Kingdom
  6. Automated border gates and biometric applications
    Dr. Jean Salomon, JSalomon Consulting Partners, France
  7. Integrated Border Management (IBM) in practice
    Ms. Arabelle Bernecker-Thiel, ICMPD
  8. Participation in the PKD
    Dr. Eckart Brauer, Federal Ministry of the Interior, Germany; Chairman, PKD Board
  9. ICAO PKD promotion in the OSCE region
    Mr. Ben Hiller, OSCE
  10. PKI as a National Basic Infrastructure for Electronic Identification Projects in Brazil
    Mr. Mauricio Augusto Coelho, ITI Civil Cabinet of the President's Office, Brazil
  11. Joining the ICAO PKD
    Mr. Roman Vanek, Federal Police, Switzerland


Session V: Summary and Closing Remarks
Moderator: Mr. Barry Kefauver, ISO Expert
Sponsors' Presentations
  1. Digital Identification
  2. Entrust
  3. EDAPS
  4. Morpho
  5. Vlatacom

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