States' Action Plans

  • About 45% of States in the ESAF Region have submitted their State Action Plans (SAPs) as least once.
Status of SAP Development in the ESAF Region (March 2020)
What information does a State have to provide in order to update their SAP?
ICAO requests that States update their SAP at least once every three years. The ESAF office is available to provide support on any questions about the process of updating your Action Plan. The email for submission of your updated quantified SAP is 
When updating an existing SAP, the guidance in ICAO Doc 9988 still applies. For each step in Doc 9988, recommendations are included on what will be considered when an existing SAP is being updated. The latest version is available on the APER website (please contact us if you are a SAP Focal Point and do not have access to the APER website).

  • State Action Plan Buddy Partnerships in the ESAF Region

Are you a State that has already submitted your SAPs to ICAO?


Would you be interested in partnering with Member States that have not prepared their State Action Plans, in order to support those States?

Are you a State that is yet to submit your SAP to ICAO?


Would you be interested in partnering with Member States that have prepared their State Action Plans, in order to receive support from those States?

For more information on any of the above, please contact the ESAF Regional Office:

  • Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the ICAO State Action Plan on CO2 Emissions Reduction Initiative in the AFI Region
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2020 marked the 10th anniversary of the SAP initiative. This milestone was officially celebrated by ICAO on 08 October 2020 under the theme “10 Years of Making Green Aviation a Reality”. For more information, an article on ‘The 10th Anniversary of the ICAO SAP on CO2 Emissions Reduction’ ‘is available on the Uniting Aviation website.

The ESAF/ WACAF Offices are conducting a Regional Contest to celebrate this achievement. Interested States and Organizations are invited participate in this contest. More information is available on the webpage. AFI SAP10 Regional Contest webpage.

Click on “Frequently Asked Questions”  to learn more about States’ Action Plans, the resources available to support the development of States’ Action Plans, and how ICAO can help. To understand more about the importance of States’ Action Plans to address CO2 emissions from the international aviation sector, enrol in the free online ICAO E-Learning Course on SAPs  which was developed by ICAO in cooperation with UNITAR. 

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