Ninth Meeting of the ICAO APAC COVID-19 Contingency and Recovery Planning Group (ACCRPG/9)

(Web-conference, 28 January 2021)

collapse Type Name : 2021 ACCRPG9 ‎(18)
collapse Category : 1-Report ‎(1)
ACCRPG-9_Report.pdf01Report of the Ninth Meeting of the ICAO Asia and Pacific COVID-19 Contingency and Recovery Planning Group (ACCRPG/9)4 March 2021Secretariat 
collapse Category : 2-General Information ‎(6)
ACCRPG-9 Invitation.pdf01Letter of Invitation22 January 2021Secretariat 
ACCRPG-9_Attachment A - Provisional-Agenda(revised-20210126).pdf02Provisional Agenda for ACCRPG/9 (Revised-20210126)26 January 2021Secretariat 
03 ACCRPG-9_Attachment B - ACCRPG-Members (20210121).pdf03List of Focal Points / Members of ACCRPG and Sub-Groups22 January 2021Secretariat 
04 ACCRPG-9_Attachment C - ACCRPG_ToR_adopted-by-ACCRPG-1_20200605.pdf04Terms of Reference of ACCRPG22 January 2021Secretariat 
05 ACCRPG-8_Report.pdf05Report of ACCRPG/822 January 2021Secretariat 
06 Microsoft Teams Meeting - External User Access Guide.pdf06How to Join a Microsoft Teams Meeting - External User Access Guide22 January 2021Secretariat 
collapse Category : 5-Presentations ‎(11)
2.i.ICAO_Economic Impact of COVID-19 on Aviation.pdf01Economic Impact of COVID-19 on Civil Aviation 2 February 2021Secretariat 
2.iii.ICAO_APAC Activity Status - 28Jan21.pdf02Covid‐19 Response and Recovery Implementation Center (CRRIC) - APAC State Activity Status2 February 2021Secretariat 
3.i._PH-SG Briefing to 9th ACCRPG - 28 January 2021 (Draft).pdf03Public Health Sub-group progress report 2 February 2021PH/SG Rapporteur 
3.iii_S-SG summary for ACCRPG-9 @28 Jan 2021.pdf04Safety Sub-group progress report 2 February 2021S/SG Rapporteur 
4.i.FAA_FAA Presentation 1.28.21.pdf05U.S. COVID-19 Vaccinations2 February 2021FAA's Federal Air Surgeon Office 
4.ii.Boeing_ICAO APAC January 2021 final.pdf06Confident Travel Initiative2 February 2021Boeing 
4.iii.Airbus_APAC ICAO - Keep Trust in Air Travel.pdf07Keep Trust in Air Travel2 February 2021Airbus 
4.iv.DelhiAP_Covid 19 Vaccine @ DEL Airport (Final) combined.pdf08Logistical Process of Handling COVID-19 Cargo at Delhi airport 2 February 2021Delhi International Airport 
4.v.SIN_Singapore Presentation (ACCRPG 9).pdf09Vaccination: Singapore’s Experience 2 February 2021Singapore Vaccine Rollout Starategy for Aviation Workers of the ROK(final) (2) (1).pdf10ROK's COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout Strategy for Aviation Workers2 February 2021Republic of Korea 
4.vii.IATA_What may be the new normal.pdf11The new normal in terms of testing and vaccinations?2 February 2021IATA 


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