​AVSEC & FAL Sub-Group - Meetings

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Agenda.pdfAgenda74 KB  
AVSEC-FAL Subgroup Members List (23July20).pdfAVSEC-FAL Subgroup Members List244 KB  
Objective of the ACCRPG AVSEC-FAL Subgroup.pdfObjective of the ACCRPG AVSEC-FAL Subgroup92 KB  
Recommendations for AVSEC-FAL Sub-Group Possible Actions based on CART Report.pdfRecommendations for AVSEC-FAL Sub-Group Possible Actions based on CART Report148 KB  
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IATA-ACCRPG_AVSEC_FAL_11June.pdfIATA - Considerations for ACCRPG AVSEC/FAL Sub-Group1054 KB  
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Agenda for 2nd AVSEC-FAL subgroup Meeting.pdfAgenda85 KB  
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China - Fighting COVID-19 China Experience in Aviation Security.pdfChina - Fighting COVID-19 China Experience in Aviation Security351 KB  
TSA COVID-19 Shielding Requirements and Specs_16June20.pdfTSA - COVID-19 Shielding Requirements and Specifications8412 KB  
TSA -SocialDistance.pdfTSA - Social Distancing Print and Digital Assets for Airports1198 KB  
TSA- SocialDistance_22x6_CheckpointSignage_BoardingPassScan.pdfTSA - Social Distance Checkpoint Signage (Boarding Pass Scan)89 KB  
collapse Type Name : AVSEC/FAL SG/3 ‎(5)
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Agenda for 3rd AVSEC-FAL subgroup Meeting-24Jun20.pdfAgenda115 KB  
ICAO Secure Portal Joining Instructions.pdfICAO Secure Portal Joining Instructions375 KB  
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CRRIC presentation.pdfICAO - COVID‐19 Response and Recovery Implementation Centre1299 KB  
IPACK FAL Flyer.pdfICAO - Strengthening National Air Transport Facilitation Committees for the Re-start and the Resilience of Civil Aviation1189 KB  
ROK - Updates on Post COVID-19 Recovery Efforts (Untact Measures)_(24 June, 2020)_final (2).pdfRepublic of Korea - Updates On ROK’s Post COVID-19 Recovery Effort314 KB  
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Agenda for 4th AVSEC-FAL subgroup Meeting.pdfAgenda6 KB  
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IATA_Government health measures dashboard_7July2020.pdfIATA — COVID-19 Government Health Measures Dashboard936 KB  
collapse Type Name : AVSEC/FAL SG/5 ‎(4)
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Agenda for 5th AVSEC-FAL subgroup Meeting.pdfAgenda6 KB  
TERMS OF REFERENCE Adopted by ACCRPG1, 05 June 2020.pdfTerms of Reference of ICAO APAC COVID-19 Contingency and Recovery Planning Group (ACCRPG)308 KB  
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ROK- Travel Bubble_ROK V0 2 (2).pdfRepublic of Korea — ROK’s Approach to Travel Bubble400 KB  
Singapore s Sharing on Travel Bubble Establishment_Final.pdfSingapore — Singapore’s Sharing on Travel Bubble Establishment452 KB  
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Agenda for 6th AVSEC-FAL subgroup Meeting.pdfAgenda6 KB  
collapse Type Name : AVSEC/FAL SG/7 ‎(3)
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Agenda for 7th AVSEC-FAL subgroup Meeting.pdfAgenda6 KB  
Public Health COVID-19 Passenger Self Declaration Form-07.08.pdfPublic Health COVID-19 Passenger Self Declaration Form112 KB  
Publich Health Pax Locator Form (complement to Self Declaration Form).pdfPublic Health Passenger Locator Form (complement to Self-Declaration Form)107 KB  
collapse Type Name : AVSEC/FAL SG/8 ‎(2)
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Agenda for 8th AVSEC-FAL subgroup Meeting.pdfAgenda6 KB  
Challenges identified for AVSEC and FAL subgroup deliberations.pdfChallenges identified for AVSEC and FAL Sub-Group Deliberations473 KB  
collapse Type Name : AVSEC/FAL SG/9 ‎(2)
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Agenda for 9th ACCRPG AVSEC_FAL SG.pdfAgenda02 November 2020111 KB  
COVID-19 Impacts on Airport Security Operations.pdfACI — COVID -19 Impacts on Airport Security Operations 02 November 20201157 KB  
collapse Type Name : ICAO APAC Regional COVID-19 Response  and Recovery Implementation Centre (CRRIC) Update  Workshop - CART Report III Recommendations 12 (revised), 14 (revised), 15, 16 and 17 ‎(1)
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State Letter - ICAO APAC CRRIC update workshop (AP070-21).pdfState Letter03 May 2021596 KB  


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