Seventh Meeting of the ICAO APAC COVID-19 Contingency and Recovery Planning Group (ACCRPG/7)

(Web-conference, 25 September 2020)

collapse Type Name : 2020 ACCRPG7 ‎(22)
collapse Category : 1-Report ‎(1)
ACCRPG-7_Report.pdf01Report of Seventh Meeting of the ICAO Asia And Pacific COVID-19 Contingency and Recovery Planning Group (ACCRPG/7)11 November 2020Secretariat 
collapse Category : 2-General Information ‎(6)
!ACCRPG-7_Invitation-letter.pdf01Letter of Invitation21 September 2020Secretariat 
AP194-20_ACCRPG-7_Attachment A - Provisional-Agenda (Revised-20200925).pdf02Provisional Agenda for ACCRPG/7 (Revised-20200925)25 September 2020Secretariat 
AP194-20_ACCRPG-7_Attachment B - ACCRPG-Members (20200918).pdf03List of Members of ACCRPG (20200918)21 September 2020Secretariat 
AP194-20_ACCRPG-7_Attachment C - ACCRPG_ToR_adopted-by-ACCRPG-1_20200605.pdf04Terms of Reference of ACCRPG21 September 2020Secretariat 
AP194-20_ACCRPG-7_Attachment D - ACCRPG-6_Report (20200918).pdf05Report of ACCRPG/621 September 2020Secretariat 
7-Microsoft Teams Meeting - External User Access Guide.pdf06How to join Microsoft Teams Meeting – External User Access Guide21 September 2020Secretariat 
collapse Category : 5-Presentations ‎(15)
1_travel experience feedback rcl.pdf01Travel Experience Feedback 25 September 2020Secretariat 
2_ACCRPG7.pdf02Re-entry into Thailand - A Singaporean Experience25 September 2020Secretariat 
3_The Traveller s Perspective.pdf03The Traveler’s Perspective ‐ challenges and way forward to implement the CART Report25 September 2020Secretariat 
4_EASA UPDATE ACCRPG7.pdf04European Union testing developments 25 September 2020EASA 
5_item 2 accrpg7 aci aha health accredit 25 sep 2020.pdf05Update on ACI Health Accreditation (AHA) 25 September 2020ACI Asia-Pacific 
6_ACCRPG7 Update - APAC COVID-19-Related ATM Operations and Contingency Coordination.pdf06APAC COVID-19-Related ATM Operations and Contingency Coordination25 September 2020Secretariat 
7_PH SG Briefing to 7th ACCRPG - 25 September 2020 Draft cch.pdf07Public Health Subgroup - Progress Report 25 September 2020PH/SG Rapporteur 
8_S-SG summary for ACCRPG 7.pdf08Safety Subgroup - Progress Report 25 September 2020SAF/SG Rapporteur 
9_AVSEC-FAL SG to ACCRPG - 7th Friday 25 September 2020.pdf09AVSEC-FAL Subgroup - Progress Report 25 September 2020AVSEC-FAL/SG Rapporteur 
10_Simulator Training Travel Bubble recommendations APAC ACCRPG7 Brief v2.pdf10Pilot Proficiency Check (PPC): Simulator Training Travel Bubble (STTB)25 September 2020Australia 
11_Singapore s Presentation ACCRPG7.pdf11Reviving Air Travel - Sharing on Singapore's Efforts25 September 2020Singapore 
12_CRRIC APAC State Activity Status- 25 Sep 20.pdf12Covid-19 Response and Recovery Implementation Center (CRRIC) - APAC State Activity Status25 September 2020Secretariat 
13_Asia Pacific Aviation _AAPA for_ACCRPGv2.pdf13Asia Pacific Airlines - Readying for Take Off25 September 2020AAPA 
14_ICAO-WHO Webinar_flyer.pdf14Joint WHO-ICAO Webinar “Considerations and Challenges in Resuming Air-Travel in the Context of COVID-19: Multi-sectoral Approach” (5 October 2020)25 September 2020Secretariat 
15_CART Phase II Update.pdf15COUNCIL AVIATION RECOVERY TASK FORCE (CART) Phase II - working method, deliverables and associated timelines25 September 2020Secretariat 


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