TRAINAIR PLUS Validator Qualification Process

To enhance CATCs' capacity building and reduce the cost of course development, TPP established the qualification processes for CATC ISD Validators and ICAO ISD Validators.



CATC ISD Validators are able to conduct validations for the development and implementation of competency-based training (STP/CTP/ITP) within their training organization. All TPP Full Members are greatly encouraged to train their CATC ISD Validators. Regional Training Centres of Excellence (RTCE) are required to train a minimum of one CATC ISD Validator.




ICAO ISD Validators are qualified by first obtaining a CATC ISD Validator certificate and required experience, followed by a TDC instructor certificate, three TDC deliveries, and an OJT. ICAO ISD Validators are able to conduct validations to support any TPP Member's STP/CTP/ITP development.


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