This tool is primarily for the ICAO Regional Offices to collect information regarding each State's implementation of Performance Based Navigation (PBN). If you are an ICAO authorized regional officer, please click on the appropriate link below to go to the secure version of this page and edit your Regional information.


​PBN Plans



Algeria PBN Implementation Plan.pdf
Algeria04/05/2016 4:17 AM
Argentina PBN PLAN_Rev.2015.pdf
Argentina07/10/2015 1:44 PM
Armenia PBN Implementation Plan.pdf
Armenia11/01/2016 7:59 AM
Australia PBN plan.pdf
Australia07/10/2015 1:19 PM
Azerbaijan PBN Implementation Plan.pdf
Azerbaijan11/01/2016 8:00 AM
Bangladesh PBN Roadmap-V-2-7 12.pdf
Bangladesh03/05/2016 4:31 PM
Belgium PBN Implementation Plan.pdf
Belgium11/01/2016 8:08 AM
Bolivia PBN Plan.pdf
Bolivia (Plurinational State of)07/10/2015 1:19 PM
Botswana PBN Implementation Plan.pdf
Botswana07/10/2015 1:19 PM
Brazil PBN Plan vs. 2015.pdf
Brazil07/10/2015 1:44 PM
Plan PBN du Burkina Faso 2015.pdf
Burkina Faso12/11/2015 4:23 AM
Cambodia-PBN Plan original.pdf
Cambodia07/10/2015 1:19 PM
Canada07/10/2015 1:19 PM
Cape Verde07/10/2015 1:19 PM
Chile PBN Plan vs.2015.pdf
Chile07/10/2015 1:45 PM
China PBN implementation plan.pdf
China07/10/2015 1:19 PM
China Hong Kong Implementation Plan.pdf
China, HK SAR07/10/2015 1:19 PM
Colombia PBN Plan.pdf
Colombia07/10/2015 1:19 PM
Cote d'Ivoire_Nationl PBN Plan _RACI 5011_Plan de Mise en oeuvre de la  PBN.pdf
Côte d'Ivoire21/03/2016 7:59 AM
Cyprus PBN implementation plan.pdf
Cyprus07/10/2015 1:19 PM
Czech Republic PBN Implementation Plan.pdf
Czech Republic11/01/2016 8:59 AM
DPRK PBN plan.doc
Democratic People's Republic of Korea07/10/2015 1:19 PM
National PBN Implementation Plan_DR Congo.pdf
Democratic Republic of the Congo01/06/2016 12:05 PM
Ethiopia PBN State Plan 07 fnl.pdf
Ethiopia07/10/2015 1:19 PM
Fiji PBN Implementation Plan.pdf
Fiji07/10/2015 1:19 PM
France PBN Plan.pdf
France07/10/2015 1:19 PM
Plan PBN Polynésie Française septembre 2012 version anglaise finale.pdf
France, French Polynesia07/10/2015 1:19 PM
French Polynesia - Plan PBN PF octobre 2013 1st progress report (2).pdf
France, French Polynesia07/10/2015 1:19 PM
New Caledonia GNSS procedures.pdf
France, New Caledonia07/10/2015 1:19 PM
The Gambia PBN Implementation Plan.pdf
Gambia30/11/2015 6:21 AM
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 PBN Regional Plans

Asia Pacific Seamless ATM Plan V1.0.pdfAPACAsia Pacific Seamless ATM Plan V1.006/03/2015 3:25 PM4242 KB
EUR Regional Performance Based Navigation Implementation Plan.pdfEUR/NATEUR/NAT Regional Performance Based Navigation Implementation Plan02/10/2012 9:30 AM161 KB
MID Region PBN Implementation Plan- November 2014.pdfMIDMID Region PBN Implementation Plan- November 201429/01/2015 8:40 AM178 KB
PBN-GNSS TF1 Agenda 4 App4B_PBN Plan- Post A37-(Ver Final).pdfESAF, WACAFAFI Regional Performance Based Navigation Implementation Plan01/10/2012 4:14 PM193 KB
SAM-Regional Performance Based Navigation Implementation Plan.pdfSAMSAM Regional Performance Based Navigation Implementation Plan02/10/2012 4:54 PM134 KB