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ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices - Fatigue Management

Annex 6 Part 1
(Flight & Cabin Crew)

(Amendment 37)


Fatigue Management Guidance Material


 DOC 9966: FRMS Manual
for Regulators

(1st Edition, 2012)


Fatigue Management Guide for Airline Operators

2nd Edition, 2015
​​1st Edition, 2011​

Guidance Material for the Development of Prescriptive Fatigue Management Regulations
(From Annex 6, Part I - Amendment 37)

​​ ​Examples of Fatigue Management Regulations
​Australia Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA)
​Europe ​​European Commission Regulation
​European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Standards for the Certification of Scheduled and Chartered Airlines
Acceptable means of compliance and guidance material for the EC regulations
United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Part 117

Articles and Publications
Hindsight21 - Workload
(EUROCONTROL, Summer 2015)
​​CASA Biomathematical Fatigue Models Guidance Document Summary
(A paper by the IATA FRMS Task Force, 2015)
Fatigue Safety Performance Indicators: A paper by the IATA FRMS Task Force
(Ed. 1, Jan 2014)
​Fatigue Management Fact Sheet during the 38th Session of the ICAO Assembly
(Sep 2013)
​Fatigue Risk Management Systems.  A Paper by the IATA FRMS Task Force (Jan 2013)
Hindsight13 - Fatigue
(EUROCONTROL, Summer 2011)
​Formalizing New Approaches to Fatigue Risk Management Systems
(ICAO Journal 2011, Issue 4)