Performance-based Navigation (​PBN) is helping the global aviation community reduce aviation congestion, conserve fuel, protect the environment, reduce the impact of aircraft noise and maintain reliable, all-weather operations, even at the most challenging airports. It provides operators with greater flexibility and better operating returns while increasing the safety of regional and national airspace systems.

What's New

Dr. Olumuyiwa Benard Aliu, the President of the ICAO Council (Council President), and Mr. Arun Mishra, the Regional Director for ICAO Asia and Pacific Regions (APAC RD) visited the ICAO APAC FPP Office on 22nd  March, 2016.

ICAO and Eurocontrol will conduct an important PBN Airspace Design Workshop in Azerbaijan, 7 to 10 December 2015. Learn how to effectively redesign airspace using the PBN concept.  For more information contact, contact Elkhan Nahmadov at​

​EUR/NAT Performance-Based Navigation Symposium will be held in Dublin, Ireland, hosted by Irish Aviation Authority, from 26-28 January 2016.  The 3 day Symposium will focus on PBN implementation issues and the current progress in the Region.  For more information, contact Elkhan Nahmadov at​


​Updated editions of the Aeronautical Charting Manual (Doc 8697) and the PBN Operations Approval Manual (Doc 9997) are now available.   Click here to go to the ICAO on-line Store​​

Nigeria realizes benefits of PBN Implementation at 4 major airports!  (Click here for more details)​

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​AFRICA FPP ​Frederic Legrand
​APAC ​Frederic Lecat
​APAC FPP ​Jing Xiao
​ESAF ​Seboseso Machobane
​EUR/NAT ​Elkan Nahmadov
​MID ​Elie Khoury
​NAC ​Victor Hernandez
​SAM ​Roberto Arca Jaurena​
​WACAF ​Albert Aidoo Taylor