The following tasks are carried out under the strategic objectives "Safety" and "Efficiency". 


  • International airways volcano watch
  • Tropical cyclone warning system
  • Quality management system (QMS)
  • Uplink and downlink of MET information
  • Turbulence reporting and warnings
    • SIGMET
    • Wind shear


  • World area forecast system (WAFS)
  • Satellite distribution system for information relating to air navigation (SADIS)
  • Observing and forecasting of MET conditions at aerodromes & terminal area
  • Transition of aeronautical meteorological information, including OPMET, to digital formats
  • MET information to support ATM

For additional information, please contact:

Mr. Greg Brock
Chief, Meteorology (MET) Section
Air Navigation (ANB) Bureau
Telephone: +1 514-954-8194
Fax: +1 514-954-6077