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ICAO-ENAC PBN Procedure Design Courses
The ICAO PBN Programme has arranged with the French Civil Aviation University (ENAC) to hold PBN Procedure Design Courses in various regions around the world. Four courses have already been conducted in the Asia and Mideast regions. These courses, with a maximum class size of 15, are for experienced procedure designers and cover procedure design criteria and skills for the most relevant PBN navigation specifications. See the syllabus for more details. Exact locations for these courses have not yet been decided. States who have an interest in hosting and/or sponsoring one of these courses for their region are encouraged to contact the ICAO PBN Programme at pbn@icao.int.
ICAO-ENAC PBN Procedure Design Courses locations
Caribbean and Central American
East Africa (TBD)
Eastern Europe (TBD)
West Africa (TBD)
South America (TBD)
IATA Training & Development Institute
The IATA Training & Development Institute http://www.iata.org/training/ is pleased to present two new courses addressing PBN and its different key features. PBN I introduces the concept of Performance-based Navigation and explains how it’s defined in terms of accuracy, integrity, availability and continuity as well as the fundamentals of area navigation. PBN II addresses the evolution of the RNP concept and how we got to Performance-based Navigation, what is included in the PBN Manual and the different Navigation Specification.  Please see the below folder IATA Courses - PBN I and II.
Air Navigation Institute PBN related courses
RNAV Master Class
PANS-OPS basic
RNAV Master Class
Advanced RNAV/APV
PANS-OPS basic
PANS-OPS basic
RNAV Master Class
APV-Baro VNAV e-learning
For more infromation, tuition fees and registration please visit http://www.ani.aero


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