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Technical work

Aeronautical requirements for meteorological service to international air navigation including:

  • world area forecast system (WAFS) and meteorological office and meteorological watch office responsibilities
  • volcanic ash advisory centres (VAAC) and tropical cyclone adivsory centres (TCAC) responsibilities
  • aerodrome meteorological observations and forecasts
  • aircraft observations and reports
  • warnings of hazardous weather phenomena, en route, in the terminal area and on the aerodrome
  • aeronautical climatological information
  • meteorological service for operators and pilots, meteorological information for air traffic, search and rescue and aeronautical information services
  • use of communications for meteorological information exchanges

Meteorological Component of CNS/ATM Systems

  • development, management and coordination of WAFS and the Satellite Distribution System for Information related to Air Navigation (SADIS)
  • requirements to uplink and downlink operational meteorological information to aircraft using air-ground data link
  • development of specific warnings for clear air turbulence
  • development, management and coordination of the international airways volcano watch (IAVW) and tropical cyclone warning system

Other special projects and studies including:

  • wind shear detection, reporting and warning
  • detection and warnings of radioactive and toxic chemical clouds
  • development of "graphical" SIGMET information
  • slant visual range for aeronautical operations
  • observing, reporting and forecasting of weather conditions at the aerodrome and in the terminal area, including the assessment of automated aerodrome meteorological observing systems
  • impact of institutional developments in the provision of aeronautical meteorological services
  • transition to new-generation digital aeronautical meteorological codes
  • quality management of meteorological information
Operations and Study
  • Satellite Distribution System for Information Relating to Air Navigation Operations Group (SADISOPSG)
  • International Airways Volcano Watch Operations Group (IAVWOPSG)
  • World Area Forecast System Operations Group (WAFSOPSG)
  • Aerodrome Meteorological Observation and Forecast Study Group (AMOSSG)
  • Meteorological Warnings Study Group (METWSG)
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