Surveillance information to determine the requirement for Aircraft Tracking

In development

A survey is being conducted among those Contracting States that have accepted the responsibility for the provision of air traffic services in oceanic areas, in order to build up a database of the dimensions of the oceanic areas where ATSUs obtain position information at greater than 15 minute intervals.


The map below will be updated from Mid-September with the results of this survey, indicating FIRs where position reports are received at less than 15 minute intervals. Where this is not the case, or where insufficient information has been obtained for an FIR, it is recommended that the operator track their ADS-C equipped aircraft, in accordance with the aircraft tracking provisions of Annex 6 Part I, 3.5


*Delineations of Flight Information Region (FIR) boundaries are approximations provided for informational purposes only and should not be in any way relied upon for purposes of air navigation. 


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