Welcome to the ICAO Aeronautical Communications Panel (ACP) website.

Current Activities
Panel Meetings
The first meeting of the Aeronautical Communication Panel (ACP/1) was held in Montreal, Canada from 10 to 18 May 2007. The report of ACP/1 as well as the working papers are available from this website.
Other panel meeting reports from AMCP as well as reports from ATNP and AMSSP could be downloaded here.


The ACP is developing Standards and Recommended Practices, as well as guidance material for air-ground and ground-ground aeronautical communications, both voice and data. It also develops the draft ICAO position for ITU Radiocommunication Conferences and coordinates, as required, the ICAO input to meetings of the ITU Study Groups and Regional Telecommunication Organizations.
The Aeronautical Communication Panel (ACP) was created in 2003 by the Air Navigation Commission (162-13), after a merging between the Aeronautical Mobile Communications Panel (AMCP) and the Aeronautical Telecommunications Network Panel (ATNP). A limited number of reports from the ATNP can be found here. This website is a continuation of the website, originally established for the AMCP and includes older AMCP reports and, as available, reports of working groups.


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