Advanced Air Mobility Study Group (AAM SG)

The 41st Session of the ICAO Assembly recognized that the rapidly evolving advanced air mobility (AAM) ecosystem calls for work to be undertaken by ICAO, as well as the potential need for a globally harmonized framework, and global provisions and guidance. It agreed that the leadership role of ICAO is essential to achieve such harmonization and it expressed support for an expert group to be established to develop a holistic vision and framework, as well as to advise ICAO on activities in this area.


The ICAO Secretariat established the Advanced Air Mobility Study Group in light of rapid technological advances of new entrants and the potential impact on the aviation ecosystem. The AAM SG assists the Secretariat in developing a holistic vision and framework regarding AAM. This is done in a coordinated manner with other ICAO expert groups, as appropriate, with the aim to support a safe, secure, efficient and environmentally sustainable integration of AAM operations, and to facilitate the development of the AAM ecosystem. Furthermore, the AAM SG advises on all AAM-related work to be done by ICAO.

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