Enhancing Runway Safety - An Integrated Approach
The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) invites its Member States, participants, sponsors and exhibitors to the Global Runway Safety Symposium to be held in Montreal, Canada from 24-26 May 2011. Be part of a unique event that will bring together experts from diverse professional domains to determine a multidisciplinary approach to improving runway safety outcomes worldwide. These sectors include:
  • Regulators
  • Aircraft operators
  • Air navigation service providers
  •  Aerodrome operators
  • Aircraft manufacturers

Learn about different mitigation strategies already in use and the latest research developments.

Aims of the Global Runway Safety Symposium (GRSS): 
  • Highlight the evolution towards a more integrated safety management approach in ICAO’s runway safety programme.
  • Coordinate a global effort for improving runway safety by identifying what a State can do to improve runway safety outcomes.
  • Identify a common framework for the enhancement of runway safety.
  • Promote and gain commitment from partners to deliver regional runway safety workshops across the globe.
  • Identify content and format for subsequent runway safety workshops.


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