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Online Airworthiness Information Network

Launched on 29 October 2014, the "Online Airworthiness Information Network" is a repository for States to share airworthiness information with other States for States to contact each other regarding the continuing airworthiness of aircraft and facilitate the cross border transferability of aircraft. In order for this tool to be effective, States are encouraged to keep their airworthiness information updated.

Please click on Introducing the Online Airworthiness Information Network for more information.

Please click on Online Airworthiness Information Network in ICAO iSTARS to view and update airworthiness information of ICAO Member States. In order to have access to this link, please subscribe to iSTARS in ICAO Secure Portal. State Focal Points should refer to State Letter 2014/71 dated 29 Oct 2014 for more information.

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