Cooperative Oversight Framework

‚ÄčThe rapid evolution of new business models and cross-border operations highlighted certain inefficiencies in the global oversight system.  In response to recommendations stemming from the 40th Session of the Assembly, the Cooperative Oversight for Cross-border Operations Sub Group (COCBO-SG) was established. COCBO-SG is a multi-disciplinary group composed of members from the FLTOPSP, Airworthiness Panel and Article 83 bis Task Force. The work of COCBO-SG is divided into three main streams:

  • Short-term interchange which is described as a very rapid dry lease or succession thereof. Such interchange arrangements allow different operators based in different States to use the same aircraft for their respective flights.

  • Cross-border group operations refers to operations which are streamlined across several air operator certificate (AOC) holders based in different States but belonging to a single parent company or holding.

  • Crew interoperability implies sharing cockpit and cabin crews within an affiliated group of operators or within a parent company across States.


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