Working Group of the Whole 12, Working Papers


No.Agenda Item No. TitlePresented byComments
11 Recommendation Pertaining to Airmail in Annex 18the Secretary
24 Emergency Response Drill Number 4, Letter "W", Firefighting ProcedureD. Mirko
32.1 Establishment and Maintenance of Training ProgrammesD. Mirko
42.1 Keys Identifying Different Categories of Personnel Listed in Tables 1-4 and 1-5 of the Technical InstructionsD. Mirko
52.5 Label DimensionsD. Brennan
72.4 Packing Instructions 966, 967, 969 and 970Q. Xu
82.3 UN 2796 sulphuric acid with not more than 51% acid and UN 1790 hydrofluoric acid not more than 60% strengthQ. Xu
92.3, 2.4 UN3242 — AzodicarbonamideQ. Xu
102.3 Clarification on Limited Quantity AllowancesD. Brennan
112.4 Provisions for CylindersD. Brennan
122.3, 2.4 Certain 1.4s Articles in Limited QuantitiesDangerous Goods Advisory Council
132.4, 2.8 Fuel Cell Industry UpdateFCHEA
2.4, 2.8 Addendum to Fuel Cell Industry Update
International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) 62282-6-100 International Standard for Micro Fuel Cells Amendment 1
142.5 Dangerous Goods Transport Information – Documentation – Indication of a CountryCEFIC
152.8 Information about Dangerous Goods Carried by Passengers and CrewB. Carrara
162.1 Training for Comat ShippersB. Carrara
172.1 Training NomenclatureB. Carrara
181 State of Overflight in the Exemption Processthe Secretary
192, 3 Definition of Dangerous Goods Event and DiscrepancyB. Carrara
202.7 Stowage of Toxic and Infectious SubstancesD. Brennan
212.3 Review of Certain Division 4.2 SubstancesD. Brennan
222.4 Review of Packing Instruction Y963D. Brennan
232.2 Exceptions for Medical Devices or Equipment Containing Infectious Substances

Appendix: Working Paper Prepared by Costha for the 42nd Session of the UN Sub Committee
the Secretary
246.2 Dangerous Goods Incident and Accident Collection and Reporting Systemthe Secretary
252.3 Harmonization of Excepted Quantity Codes in the UN Model Regulations and the Technical Instructions

Appendix: Working Paper Prepared for the 42nd Session of the UN Sub Committee
the Secretary
266 Guidance Material on Aircraft Fire Fighting and Rescue Procedures for Accidents Involving Dangerous Goodsthe Secretary
276 Competency Framework for OperatorsT. Muller
282.3 Compatibility Requirements for Excepted QuantitiesT. Muller
292.3 UN Numbers not Included in the List of Dangerous GoodsT. Muller
302.4 Period of Use for Plastic Drums, Jerricans and IbcsT. Muller
312.7 Acceptance ChecksG A Leach
322.5 Overpacks Containing “Cargo Aircraft Only” Dangerous GoodsG A Leach
332.8 Gas Cartridges Carried by PassengersG A Leach
342.3 Dangerous Goods not Listed in Table 3-1G A Leach
352.3 Packagings Forbidden in Packing Instructions but not in Excepted QuantitiesG A Leach
362.1 Net Quantity for Unpackaged ArticlesG A Leach
372.8 PacemakersG A Leach
38WITHDRAWNWithdrawn after it was discovered that WP/38 was a replica of WP/33.
392.3 Excepted Quantity Provisions – Absorbent Material – Count of PackagesCEFIC
402.3 Secondary Lithium BatteriesH. Brockhaus
416 Competency Framework for Designated Postal OperatorsT. Muller
426.4 Dangerous Goods Requirements for Annex 6the Secretary
432.8 Electric Mobility AidsG A Leach
442.1 New Requirements for Designated Postal OperatorsT. Muller
2.4 Application of Provisions for Lithium BatteriesD. BrennanThe only revision in this paper is to the amendment proposed in the appendix; i.e.: in Packing Instruction 952, paragraph 2), the words “, machinery or equipment” have been marked with strikeout.(Revised 04/10/12)
464 Emergency Response and Portable Electronic DevicesM. Paquette
472.2 Use of the Term "Net Mass"A. Tušek
482.8 Marking of Fuel CellA. Tušek
497 Cooperation with the Aviation Security PanelG A Leach
502.7 Requirement for the Technical Name on the Written Information to the Pilot-In-CommandD. Brennan
512.4 Lithium Ion and Lithium Metal Button Cells Installed in EquipmentPRBA – The Rechargeable Battery Association
522.4 30-Day Transition Period for New Lithium Battery RegulationsPRBA – The Rechargeable Battery Association
535 Hazard Communication for Energy Storage Devicesthe Secretary

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