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The dangerous goods training programme consists of training courses which will assist States in complying with the broad principles governing the international transport of dangerous goods by air outlined in Annex 18 and detailed in the Technical Instructions. The programme is directed towards safety inspectors responsible for dangerous goods, but it would benefit anyone with a need for knowledge of the detailed provisions in the Technical Instructions. Individuals who successfully complete a course receive a certificate directly from ICAO.


Dangerous Goods Training Courses


ICAO is offering the courses in one of two ways: in-country or fixed course dates. In-country delivery of courses allows for a large number of students to attend the course without incurring multiple travel costs. This is beneficial for organizations with multiple individuals to train. Fixed course dates are pre-determined by ICAO at a set location.

PART 1 - This course provides State employees with the knowledge and skills required to determine when a consignment of dangerous goods is prepared, handled, stored and transported in accordance with Annex 18 and the Technical Instructions for the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air.

PART 2 - This course provides a foundation for establishing and maintaining a dangerous goods oversight programme. Students will be given the knowledge and skills to evaluate operator dangerous goods programmes and to conduct dangerous goods-related inspections and investigations of operators and shippers.

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