DGP/28 Working Papers

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No.Agenda Item No. TitleLanguagePresented by
44Deletion of Section II of Packing Instructions 965 and 968 D. Brennan
54 Packaging Standard for Lithium Batteries, Section IB and II D. Brennan
64Reduced State of Charge not Exceeding 30 Percent for UN 3480 through Packing Instruction 965 S. Schwartz
74Reduced State of Charge not Exceeding 30 Percent for UN 3481 through Packing Instructions 966 and 967 S. Schwartz
84Reduced State of Charge not Exceeding 30 Percent for Lithium Ion with Mass Exceeding 35 Kg through Packing Instruction 974 S. Schwartz
94Reduced State of Charge not Exceeding 30 Percent for UN 3481 through Packing Instruction 910 of the Supplement S. Schwartz
104Reduced State of Charge not Exceeding 30 Percent for UN 3171 S. Schwartz
244Prohibiting Passengers and Crew from Carrying Damaged or Defective Lithium Batteries in the Cabin or Checked Baggage S. Schwartz
254Requirement for Devices Containing Lithium Batteries to be Switched Off when Offered for Transport as Cargo S. Schwartz
262,2.2Revisions to Packing Instruction Involving Gross Weight P. Guo
272,2.2Applicability of Dangerous Goods Within Division 4.1 in Limited Quantities P. Guo
282,2.2Revisions to the Excepted Quantity Code E0 P. Guo
292,2.2Revision to Packing Instruction Y960 P. Guo
302,2.2Assignment of Special Provision A1 to UN 2881 P. Guo
312,2.2Requirements for Dry Ice Loading P. Guo
322,2.2Proposed Editorial Revisions to Technical Instructions P. Guo
332,2.2Revisions to Special Provision A136 P. Guo
342,2.2Revision to Radioactive Material Classification as Excepted Packages P. Guo
352,2.2Proposal to Add Special Provision A4 to the Entry UN2922 and A5 to UN2923 in Table 3-1 P. Guo
362,2.2Provisions for the Use of Electronic Notices to Pilot-In-Command P. Guo
372,2.2Provisions for Portable Insulin Refrigerators Powered by Lithium Batteries Carried by Passengers P. Guo
382,2.2Revision to Calculation of the “Q” Value Requirement for UN 3316 P. Guo
392,2.2Revision to Inner Packaging Material of Polyester Resin Kit P. Guo
402,2.2Deletion of Special Provision A206 D. Brennan
412,2.2Revision to Required Special Provision Numbers on Transport Document D. Brennan
422,2.2Precedence of Classification Environmentally Hazardous Substance vs Aviation Regulated Substance D. Brennan
432,2.2Battery-Powered Mobility Aids D. Brennan

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