DGP/22 Information Papers (Montreal, 5 to 16 October 2009)

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Agenda Item No. Title Language Presented by
1 2 Transport of Organic Peroxides     D. Brennan
2 6 Requirements for Transport of Oxygen, Oxygen Generators, and Oxidizing Gases       R. Richard
3 2 Magnetized Material       DIGITALEUROPE
4 5.3 Enhanced Requirements for the Transport of Lithium Batteries       R. Richard
5 2 Requirements for Magnetized Materials       DGAC
6 5.3 Video of Lithium Battery Fires       R. Richard
7 6 Guidance For Inspections       R. Richard
8 5.3 Lithium Battery Proposals to the Dangerous Goods Panel (DGP)       M. Rogers
9 5.3 Lithium Metal Batteries – Various Formats and Application Examples       NEMA
10 5.3 Evaluation of Recent Battery Incidents in Transportation       PRBA
11 5.5 Carriage of Hazardous Materials by Helicopter       R. Richard

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