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ICAO References

  • Assembly Resolutions
    • A40-14 (2019)Mitigation of the spread of disease through, inter alia, aircraft disinsection and vector control methods, and the importance of CAPSCA (Collaborative Arrangement for the prevention and Management of Public Health Events in Civil Aviation) for implementation.
    • A39-28 (2016)Performance-based criteria and guidance material on aircraft disinsection and vector control measures.
    • A37-13 (2010)Prevention of spread of communicable disease through air travel.
    • A35-12 (2004)Protection of the Health of Passengers and Crews and the Prevention of the Spread of Communicable Disease through International Travel.

  • Guidelines 
    • Guidelines for States Concerning the Management of Communicable Disease Posing a Serious Public Health Risk. EN, FRESRUARZH.
    • Template for an aviation public health emergency preparedness plan. ENFRES.
    • Guidelines on Completing the PLF - Annex 9, Appendix 13ENFRESRUARZH.
    • Glossary of Aviation and Public Health Terms. EN.
  • Forms
    • General Declaration - Annex 9, Appendix 1. ENFRESRUARZH.

    • Public Health Passenger Locator Form - Annex 9, Appendix 13. EN, FR, ES, RU, AR, ZH.

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