During the Ebola Virus Disease outbreak, existing requirements concerning the transport of biological specimens and affected individuals were reinforced and States were requested to reduce landing, take off and overflight restrictions. In January 2015 ICAO commenced a joint ICAO/WHO Ebola Virus Disease Aviation Action Plan which is focused on Africa, to help develop and sustain their preparedness for any future public health event.  Fifteen Assistance Visits were undertaken in Africa under this Plan, funded by the UN Multi-Partner Trust Fund. 

ICAO responded to four global outbreaks in 2018 (Lassa fever in Nigeria, Plague in Madagascar and two outbreaks of Ebola in the Democratic Republic of the Congo) by sharing information and recommendations with CAPSCA partners, sharing flight information with WHO and CDC to assist with response, and further targeted development of the ICAO Infectious Diseases APP, making it available on the ICAO website.

In the response phase of two recent major public health events, ICAO has coordinated a transport working group that has consisted of a number of UN agencies and representatives of the transport sector, to quickly develop and issue public statements on risk, with a view to encouraging aircraft operators to continue services to affected regions and passengers and crew to continue flying. 

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