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Why become a CAPSCA partner?

CAPSCA is a key global health and travel coordination mechanism and is the only global programme that unites aviation with public health. Through its network of partners, CAPSCA offers an exceptional platform for international cooperation at the public and private level, and in all areas of aviation that would be affected by a public health event.  

Given the global nature of CAPSCA, we are seeking partners to raise awareness, share knowledge and best practices, support coordination, provide financial support to assist countries in vulnerable situations and provide common platforms for collaboration by combining the relative strengths and resources of different stakeholders including the public sector, private sector, non-governmental organizations, philanthropic foundations and academic institutions.

Our partners demonstrate a strong commitment to social responsibility and are guided by core values that fit with CAPSCA's programme and fundraising goals. From mobilizing support for CAPSCA's initiatives to leverage the assets of the partners to advance the CAPSCA cause worldwide, multi-stakeholder partnerships help CAPSCA to address specific problems affecting public health in aviation.


There is no fee to enjoy the benefits of being a CAPSCA partner.  As a CAPSCA partner, you will enjoy all the benefits of CAPSCA membership as well as exclusive privileges such as:  

    1. Participating in the discussions for updating and developing standards, recommendations and guidance material, when appropriate.
    2. Being part of the communication network and receive CAPSCA newsletters and official reports.
    3. Build an alliance that meets both the partner’s philanthropic and marketing needs and extend CAPSCA's abilities to address the pressing needs of international public health in aviation.
    4. Having exclusive visibility and networking opportunities at workshops, events, training activities, technical assistance visits and on the guidance material developed by CAPSCA. 

    5. Be part of the public directory of CAPSCA Partners.

Who can be a Partner?

The following organizations can be partners of CAPSCA, whether they operate at international/global, regional, national, or local level:

    1. UN Agencies: UN agencies involved in public health or that can be affected by a public health event.
    2. International Organizations: Aviation and medical organizations (regional or global entities). 
    3. Academia: Universities.
    4. Research Institutions.
    5. Corporations: Commercial business such as airlines, aircraft manufacturers, personal protective equipment manufacturers, manufacturers of products for aircraft disinsection and disinfection, etc.
    6. Media: News corporations.

How to partner with CAPSCA?

The programme operates through voluntary contributions and we kindly invite our partners interested in contributing to the programme, to support CAPSCA in many different ways:

    1. Financial support. Funding of the CAPSCA programme is essential for sustainability. 

    2. In-kind contributions.
    3. Research and development assistance. 
    4. Technical knowledge. Secondment of personnel.
    5. Events and sponsorship. In CAPSCA events, workshops, seminars, meetings, technical assistance visits.
    6. Training and capacity-building. 
    7. Access to logistic networks.  
    8. Cause-Marketing initiatives. 
    9. Extensive communications channels.

To become a partner of CAPSCA, please send an e-mail to

Directory of CAPSCA Partners 2021 (PDF)

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