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Emerging space activities and civil aviation - challenges and opportunities


There are very few visions of the future that do not show us traveling through space like we do through the air. While commercial aviation has celebrated its 100th year, in another 100 years, we may do the same for aerospace transport. The commercialization of space activities and active involvement of private sector has brought into reality a number of projects which plan a wide use of aerospace transport. In general, traffic to outer space will intensify in the coming years and decades, with the use of both existing methods of transportation and innovative ones.


This joint International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) / United Nations Office of Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) Aerospace Symposium will bring together for the first time both aviation and space communities from around the globe to explore existing regulations and practices as well as safety management and systems engineering methods with regard to civil aviation, suborbital flights and developments in space transportation  This landmark event will be an opportunity for networking, collaboration and coordination between States, industry, and others. It will aim to provide a good overview of existing regulations and practices, as well as safety management and systems engineering methods used, with a focus on sharing the airspace with civil aviation. Progress made by different stakeholders, as well as available and future technologies, will be presented to provide a realistic and transparent insight into the current development of the civil space transport sector. This event will be an incredible opportunity for networking, collaboration and coordination between States, ICAO, Industry, and representatives from different international and regional aerospace organizations, as well as a forum for sharing valuable experiences and lessons learned.


An industry exhibit will showcase the breadth of existing technologies, research and development activities of this new aerospace industry sector.


The entire international community is invited and encouraged to take part in this landmark event.




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