Assistance for Action – Aviation and Climate Change Seminar (ACLI)


ICAO will be convening the “Assistance for Action – Aviation and Climate Change” Seminar at its Headquarters, in Montréal, Canada from 23 to 24 October 2012.

During the 37th session of the ICAO Assembly in October 2010, ICAO’s Member States mandated ICAO to study, identify and develop processes and mechanisms to facilitate the provision of technical and financial assistance, as well as to facilitate access to existing and new financial resources, technology transfer and capacity building.

This Seminar will provide States and other stakeholders with an opportunity to exchange views and information on the assistance required to develop and implement policies and actions related to international aviation and climate change.

In addition, the Seminar will consider synergies, existing measures and mechanisms by which ICAO and other relevant stakeholders can assist States to develop and implement climate policies and actions.
Topics will include:
    • Capacity building
    • Alternative fuels 
    • Financing for emissions reduction actions
    • Technology transfer
    • Technical support – ICAO web-based tools and databases
    • Round table discussion presenting on States’ perspectives
This event is directed toward authorities responsible for civil aviation and the environment, energy, action plan focal points, and other related representatives.

The Seminar will be held in English only. A detailed programme and other pertinent information for delegates will be updated periodically.

For additional information, please contact:
Environment Branch
Air Transport Bureau
International Civil Aviation Organization
Phone: +1 514-954-8219, extension 8243


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