The Second Global Aviation Cooperation Symposium

The Second Global Aviation Cooperation Symposium

11 - 13 October 2017
Athens, GREECE
Divani Apollon Hotel
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Focused on the theme of "Managing Change: Building a Safe, Secure and Sustainable Aviation Community", the Second Global Aviation Cooperation Symposium (GACS 2) offers a unique platform for aviation professionals to exchange their views and discuss challenges and opportunities related to their fields. It provides a forum for regulators, service providers, operators and other industry stakeholders to meet and exchange on their experiences and best practices in implementing technical cooperation projects.


The GACS 2, will be organized in close collaboration with the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority and the Athens International Airport, to be held in Athens, Greece from 11 to 13 October 2017.  The event provides an opportunity for participants to exchange important information and views on latest trends and innovations, as well as sharing of best practices to support a safe, secure, sustainable and efficient future for global air transport. Moreover, the event will offer a unique opportunity to obtain in-depth knowledge of ICAO's Technical Cooperation Programme and how it can meet their needs.


The GACS 2 will bring together civil aviation and airport authorities, air navigation service providers, industry leaders and other international organizations. It will provide them with an opportunity to acquire further knowledge of ICAO’s Technical Cooperation and Assistance Programme and its solutions by supporting a safe, secure, sustainable and efficient future for the global civil aviation community.


Goal 1 Managing Change: building a safe, secure, and sustainable aviation community.

Discuss how best to manage the changes necessary to build and maintain a safe, secure and sustainable aviation community. Industry leaders, technical experts, national and international specialists will be at the heart of the Symposium’s discussions. These industry experts will share their knowledge and perception of current and emerging trends within the context of technical cooperation. Safety, security and environmental concerns will be discussed across the areas of airport development, air navigation, safety oversight, security and facilitation, as well as building regional and inter-regional mechanisms.

Goal 2 Determining unique solutions for capacity building through technical cooperation and assistance projects.

The Symposium will provide an opportunity to discuss ascending difficulties identified across the full spectrum of aviation and emerging technologies and trends. States will have the occasion to capture commonly found issues, solutions and best-practices shared through the presentation of Technical Cooperation and Technical Assistance projects. Project successes, challenges, and implementation of technical solutions will be showcased

Goal 3 Promote the role ICAO’s Technical Cooperation Programme in assisting States achieve their goals.

The Symposium will also give a general overview of ICAO’s TC Programme’s services and best-practices in providing capacity building assistance to Member States and regional organizations.

Goal 4 Strengthen institutional and cross-industry relationships.

The Symposium will bring together ICAO experts, Member States, industry providers, national, regional and international organizations, to enhance collaboration between authorities, industry and other stakeholders through technical cooperation.
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