LTAG and Fuels

The LTAG analysis includes extensive information on the possible contribution of Fuels towards the decarbonization of aviation. Such information is contained in various documents, such as the LTAG report and its various appendixes, and the ICAO Environmental Report 2022.

This website provides a description of the fuels-related information contained in the LTAG analysis, including links to the relevant documents with further details.

​Summary of fuels-related information from the LTAG analysis

This document summarizes the main fuel-related information contained in these analyses, directing to additional references that provide further details, divided into 8 topics:

1.       LTAG Fuels classification
2.       LTAG Fuel Scenarios
3.       Prioritization methodology
4.       Results - Volume Projections
5.       Results - GHG emissions savings
6.       Analysis of Fuel readiness and Attainability
7.       Costs and investments associated with fuels scenarios
8.       Costs in context

Presentation on LTAG and Fuels

This presentation provides deeper explanation of the fuel components contained in the LTAG analyses.

Costs and Investments Associated with Integrated Scenarios 

The following interactive chart provies details on the costs and investments associated with the LTAG integrated scenarios, as described in the LTAG report.

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