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​​​​The PBCS concept provides a framework to apply RCP and RSP specifications to ensure acceptable levels of communication and surveillance capabilities and performance of ​an operational system. These specifications are applied using the following methods:

a) prescription of an RCP specification for a communication capability and/or an RSP ​specification for a ​surveillance capability, either of which is required for air traffic services (ATS) provision in a particular airspace;

b) operational authorization to file the flight plan RCP/RSP capabilities including aircraft equipage where RCP and/or RSP specifications are prescribed for the communications and/or surveillance capabilities supporting the ATS provision; and

c) local and regional monitoring programmes to assess actual communication and surveillance performance against RCP and RSP specifications, thereby determining corrective action, as applicable, for the appropriate entity.


When RCP/RSP specifications are not prescribed, the ANSP may still apply appropriate RCP/RSP specifications to identify the continuing compliance criteria for PBCS monitoring programmes when employing new technology for communication and surveillance capabilities.


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