Aeronautical Information Management Working Group (WG-A)

​The Aeronautical Information Management Working Group (WG-A) of the Information Management Panel is a group of dedicated international experts providing technical expertise on the subjects of aeronautical information and aeronautical charting to the Assembly, Council and the Air Navigation Commission (ANC) of ICAO. The working group has been tasked by the ANC with maintaining the provisions related to aeronautical information. The following documents are within the purview of WG-A: 

    • Annex 15 – Aeronautical Information Services 
    • Annex 4 – Aeronautical Charts
    • Procedures for Air Navigation Services - Aeronautical Information Management (PANS-AIM, Doc 10066)
    • Aeronautical Information Services Manual (Doc 8126)
    • Aeronautical Chart Manual (Doc 8697)
    • Aeronautical Information Services Provided by States (Doc 7383)
    • World Geodetic System – 1984 (WGS-84) Manual (Doc 9674)
    • Manual on the Quality Management System for Aeronautical Information Services (Doc 9839)
    • Guidelines for Electronic Terrain, Obstacle and Aerodrome Mapping Information (Doc 9881), and
    • Creating new documents, as required. 

Formerly known as the AIS-AIM Study Group (AIS-AIM/SG), WG-A was established under the Information Management Panel (IMP) in 2018 and conducted its first meeting (WG-A/1), 28-31 January 2019 at ICAO headquarters in Montreal. Its work programme is contained in five job cards, namely:
    • AIM Global Implementation Support
    • NOTAM
    • Aeronautical Charts
    • Digital Data Sets
    • WGS-84

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Updated: 05 February 2021

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