ICAO Space Programme


Ensuring the Safe Integration of Air and Space Traffic

Civil spaceflight is on a path that will make it as common to the travelling public as airline flights are now. However many operational issues and regulatory hurdles persist and could lead to an unsafe or unsustainable sector. 
These technical challenges are similar to what ICAO has been addressing in the air transport domain since its inception 70 years ago, and our success has been a clear testament to how the nations of the world can work together to the benefit of travellers and businesses globally.
Initial ICAO Payloads:
  • Guidance Material on Best Practices (2015)
    Material developed by States with viable civil space sectors and a starter-kit for both regulators and companies.
  • ICAO / UNOOSA Aerospace Symposium (ICAO HQ, 18-20 March 2015)
  • Integrate Civil Space into ICAO Global Plans (2016)
  • ASBU Block 1 Guidance Material (2018)
    Updated circular containing a mapping of existing aviation technologies and procedures also employed for space travel.
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