Objectives and Strategy

The ICAO Facilitation (FAL) Programme provides Contracting States with the means for maximizing the efficiency of their border clearance formalities while also achieving and maintaining high-quality security and effective law enforcement. The goals of the Programme are to:
    • foster implementation of the Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs) of Annex 9 — Facilitation;
    • review and simplify Annex 9 SARPs in order to enhance States’ comprehension and implementation;
    • develop modern and innovative strategies for addressing issues such as airport congestion; and
    • expand knowledge of facilitation among civil aviation officials and provide guidance for policy development and operational planning related to improving facilitation at airports.

The primary strategies used for achieving these objectives are to:

    • improve procedures for border control, clearance and security;
    • contain security problems such as trafficking in narcotics, illegal migration and travel document fraud;
    • promote standardization of information requirements essential to the global interoperability of systems;
    • foster industry and government cooperation as well as cooperative arrangements between States;
    • strengthen communication on facilitation matters between ICAO, Contracting States, international organizations and the aviation industry;
    • provide Contracting States with the tools needed to set realistic goals for their national FAL programmes and attain related objectives; and
    • promote Annex 9 as a living document that sends an unambiguous message as to what is expected of airlines, airports and border control authorities.
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