Speeches and Presentations

​Official Opening and Welcome

  1. Mr. Najmiddin Turkahodjaev
    Director, State Personalization Centre, Uzbekistan
  2. Mr. Luis Fonseca de Almeida
    ICAO Regional Director, European and North Atlantic Office, Paris
  3. H.E. Nicolas Brühl
    Ambassador of Switzerland to Uzbekistan representing the OSCE Chairmanship-in-Office
  4. H.E. Ambassador György Szabó
    OSCE Project Coordinator in Uzbekistan

Session 1: ICAO MRTD Standards and Specifications:
Global Context and Regulatory Framework

 Moderator: Christoph Opfermann, OSCE

  1. TRIP Strategy: ICAO's Global Leadership in Setting SARPs
    Mauricio Siciliano, ICAO
  2. Travel Document Security as a Priority Focus Area for OSCE Counter-Terrorism Efforts
    Thomas Anthony Wuchte, OSCE
  3. Introduction to Annex 9:
    ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices on Traveller Identification and Border Controls
    Erik Slavenas, ICAO
  4. Implementing the UN Counter Terrorism Strategy:
    Addressing links between Border Controls and Terrorism
    Jean-Paul Laborde, UN CTED
  5. The 24 November 2015 Deadline in Annex 9: Addressing the Challenge
    Erik Slavenas, ICAO

Session 2: Towards Robust National Identification Management:
Exploring Evidence of Identification and Document Issuance and Control

Moderator: Ben Hiller, OSCE


  1. ICAO Guidance Material on Identification Management
    Mauricio Sicilianao, ICAO
  2. Findings and Recommendations of the OSCE/ODIHR Roundtable on Addressing the link between Travel Document Security and Population Registration/Civil Registration Documents and Processes
    Paul Picard, OSCE
  3. Effective Identification Management: Reflections on the Integrity of Passport Issuance
    Gary McDonald, former Director General, Legislation and International Relations, Passport Canada,
    former NTWG Chair 
  4. Implementation of the Biometric Passport System in Uzbekistan
    Najmiddin Turakhodjaev, Uzbekistan
  5. Identification Management in Georgia: Implementing and e-ID System
    Levan Samadashvili, Georgia
  6. Travel Document Issuance in Kazakhstan
    Zhanar Kozhakhmetova, Kazakhstan
  7. ICAO Assessment Guide: Purpose, Structure and Methodology
    Gary McDonald

Session 3: MRTDs: Producing Secure and Interoperable Travel Documents

Moderator: Erik Slavenas, ICAO


  1. ICAO MRTD and eMRTD Standards and Specifications
    Gary McDonald
  2. Machine Readable Convention Travel Documents: A Humanitarian Challenge in the Field of MRTDs
    Alexander Beck, UNHCR, Geneva
  3. Modernizing Tajikistan's Travel Documents and ID Management
    Manuchehr Mahmudov, Tajikistan
  4. Implementation of Biometric Passports in Uzbekistan:
    Technical Challenges Faced, Solutions Found, Lessons Learned
    Thibaut Soubrié, Oberthur Technologies
  5. Ensuring Physical Security and Secure Environment in Identification Management:
    Points to watch
    Steve Grant, Canada

Session 4: Border Controls:
Interoperable Applications and Inspection Systems and Tools

Moderator: Steve Grant, Consultant, Border Management Technical Expert, Canada


  1. How to become an active PKD Participant: A Guided Tour
    Christiane DerMarkar, ICAO
  2. Border Controls and Migration Management in Armenia
    Arghan Sanasaryan, Armenia
  3. Airlines Industry Initiatives on Travel Facilitation and Border Security
    Aliya Aitaliyeva, IATA
  4. Electronic Visa System of the Turkish Foreign Ministry:
    Rationale, Implementation and Lessons Learnt
    Yasin Temizkan, Turkey
  5. Inter-agency Cooperation in Border Controls: the ICAO National Facilitation Programme
    Christiane DerMarkar, ICAO





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